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Dr. Fadhul’s reconstructive procedures restore confidence, improve functionality, and enhance his patients’ overall quality of life with the results they provide. Breast reconstruction, cleft lip repair, and burn scar repair are some of the most common reconstructive procedures he performs.

Breast Reconstruction

Breast cancer removal can leave a woman with one or both breasts partially or completely gone. Breast reconstruction can restore a more natural appearance to the breasts with the use of techniques that may include tissue grafting, fat grafting, and breast implants. In some cases, the procedure can be performed at the same time as the mastectomy procedure.

Benefits of Breast Reconstruction:

  • Provides a more natural-looking breast appearance
  • Restores a sense of confidence and femininity
  • May be covered by insurance

Cleft Lip Repair

Cleft lip repair, also called cheiloplasty, is a surgical procedure designed to correct a birth defect that is characterized by a missing section of skin in the upper lip. Cleft lip is very common, occurring in 750 to 1,000 live births, and results when the skin does not fuse together properly during embryonic development. Cleft lip repair can be performed on patients of any age, but it is most commonly performed on babies who are around 3 months old. General anesthesia is used, and myringotomy tubes are inserted in the ears for fluid drainage during surgery.

Benefits of Cleft Lip Surgery:

  • Prevents future problems with breathing, speaking, and eating
  • Corrects the deformity and improves facial appearance
  • Routinely performed with a high rate of success

Burn Scar Contracture Repair

After a second- or third-degree burn, the skin surrounding the burn can tighten into what is known as a contracture. Contracture scars should typically be treated soon after injury since they can progressively limit movement in the injured area. Dr. Fadhul has several techniques that will improve the appearance of the scar, reduce scar thickness, and improve mobility if it has been restricted—even if the scar has been present for a long period of time. Patients should note that the goal of burn contracture repair is not to completely erase the scar but rather to significantly improve the appearance and functionality of the burned area.

Benefits of Burn Scar Revision:

  • Improves the appearance of the scar
  • Increases comfort and mobility in the area
  • Boosts confidence

If you are interested in any of the reconstructive procedures that Dr. Fadhul provides, please call (+973) 17277764 or fill out our online contact form at your convenience.